Professor Ziya Öniş from the Department of International Relations was deemed worthy by the Kadir Has Awards Selection Committee for the “Outstanding Achievement Award” of 2023 in recognition of his original and ground-breaking work on the developmental state and global political economy, the political economy of development, the interface of globalization and democracy, the comparative political economy of emerging powers, Turkish politics and European politics, as well as his role and his contributions as a teacher and educator.

Commencing his tenure at Koç University in 1999, Prof. Ziya Öniş was the Director of the Koç University Center for Research on Globalization, Peace, and Democratic Governance (GLODEM) between 2010-2013 and the Director of the Social Sciences Institute between 2006-2009.

Prof. Öniş’s recent research focuses on the crisis of liberal democracy, the global populist wave, the authoritarian turn in the global political economy and prospects for democratic renewal, the contours of the “post-liberal” or “post-Western” international order as well as Türkiye’s political economy during the AKP era, current dynamics in Turkish foreign policy, and domestic politics-foreign policy interactions.

Prof. Öniş was elected as a member of the Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA) in 2012 and received the TÜBİTAK Science Award and the Koç University Outstanding Achievement Awards in the same year. Öniş is the recipient of Koç University Outstanding Teaching Award for the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economics in 2020-2021. Prof. Öniş is also the co-winner of the Elizabeth Meehan Best Paper Award for his article published in the journal, Government and Opposition in 2019.